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PBCE grassroots park and playground.

About the park  

The Margaret Berman Memorial Park will be located on the northeast corner of 69th Dr. and 155th Pl. in Palm Beach Country Estates, Palm Beach Gardens, FL. This 2.2 acre plot of land was donated by the Berman family in memory of Margaret Berman who adored this neighborhood and always felt that the children should have a safe place to play. In the summer of 2009, the South Indian Water Control District will own and maintain this property.

Construction of the Park


To date, volunteers have donated their time to park planning, fundraising, and lot preparation. The park and amenities will be built in stages as money is raised. First, the county required lot development and landscaping will occur followed by The Twisty Pines Playground. The county-approved plans also include a walking path, exercise station, large picnic pavilion, small shade pavilions, open field area, half basketball court and racquetball court. The Twisty Pines Playground will be the focal point of the park.

Who will Benefit from this Park  

The benefits are far-reaching. Once the park is built, children will have an exciting and fun playground in our own neighborhood where they can play. Parents will be able to gather and socialize knowing their children are playing in a safe environment. As one of the few fenced-in parks in the area, families will have greater security when they come to play. The benefits of fitness will also be extended to adults because of the fitness path, half basketball court, racquetball court and open field area.


Other Benefits  

This park has already provided our community with benefits we never expected. Grass roots fundraisers such as yard sales, Family Nights, and elegant dinners have allowed neighbors to create friendships that would have otherwise never occurred. Struggling local businesses have created new networks when they attend fundraisers or provide labor on lot clearing days. Volunteers working together make connections that wouldn't normally occur. New friendships begin that will last a lifetime. People will have a new sense of commitment to each other and to the community. Community-built projects inspire everyone who
participates with a sense of ownership, so much so that they become a focus of community life. People describe them as the experience of a lifetime. Families who helped build will return for picnics and bring out-of-town guests to show them what the community accomplished together. And this first community project is often just the beginning. Families are coming together with a common goal: creating a space that will provide relaxation, family time, fitness, and most importantly, a renewed sense of community.