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PBCE Build Frequently Asked Questions

Who will build the park?
Volunteers worked long and hard to clear the park and get it ready to turn over to the South Indian River Water Control District who will maintain the park. SIRWCD hired a contractor to pave the walking path and parking lot. Neighborhood landscapers Paul Lefler and Eric Neslon where hired to do the county required landscaping and irrigation.

Who will build the playground and other amenities?
The park and amenities will be built in stages as money is raised. First, the county required lot development and landscaping will occur followed by The Twisty Pines Playground. The county-approved plans also include a walking path, exercise station, large picnic pavilion, small shade pavilions, open field area, half basketball court and racquetball court. These amenities will be built as funds are raised. The Twisty Pines Playground will be the focal point of the park.

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